Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Patrick's lair

Patrick spent all day in here yesterday. I'd asked him to "move in" to the armoire I'd painted for him for Christmas, in the process emptying a big purple tub I was going to need to put Christmas decorations away. (Our decorations, you see, have multiplied quite a bit in the past two months.) Simple enough. I expected it would be an hour's work, and instead he was at it all day. I heard drills squealing. He went to the hardware store. I heard him hauling things around, and I was beside myself with curiosity. I wanted to watch, to see, to offer helpful and probably extremely annoying observations.

In the end, he built a shelf out of two discarded table leave from the garage. I got all spinny-eyed, and maybe a little moony, too. He kept something out of the landfill and gave it a new purpose, and the resulting shelf is beautiful in a punk industrial sort of way (perfect for Patrick) and awesomely functional. The leaves were exactly the right length for that little bit of wall, too. Fate, I say. 

Someday, I might get really finicky and buy new brackets for underneath, but hey, baby steps.

He also hung things on the walls. Good heavens. Mr. Les Paul (below) and that awesome antiques shop score from what feels like forever ago finally have a home.

Really starting to look good in this old house. Oh, and for a wee trip down memory lane, remember this room a year ago?

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Becky said...

Haha. I love how he kept you wondering. And if the industrial brackets "bug" you then paint 'em the same as the wall. That's how I like to hide 'em.

Kristina Strain said...

Not a bad idea at all, thanks!

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