Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A little village

I'm developing a habit of doing Christmas crafts after Christmas. (Remember this table runner?) What can I say-- I spend the whole month of December watching other peoples' projects go up around the blog and Pinterest world, and by the time the holiday comes I'm so amped up and so inspired and so... out of time. I don't let that stop me, though, oh no. I pull flatted garment boxes out of the recycling and begin building a snow village.

In many ways the time after the holidays is the best time of year for crafting. The house is full of handmade ornaments and cheery decor. If you're looking for raw materials and things to repurpose, look no further than the recycling bin. I made a whole town from one garment box, and salvaged glassine for its windows from another. The doors are colored cardstock. Everything else is just paint.

By the way, the templates are from here, and the inspiration is from here. Inspiration + templates is my favorite formula. 

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