Thursday, January 5, 2012

Currently in progress...

This is my first week as a full-time writer. I've divided my days into blocks for working on different assignments, but somehow there always seems to be room in between for a little "project time." Somehow sitting down to two hours of reviewing interview notes seems way more palatable if I can put a coat of spray paint on something first. So, I've been working on this. It's the beginning stages of a gallery wall, and I got my inspiration from here.

A pile of Things to Frame has slowly been gaining members for years: vintage postcards, old photos, art from friends, prints from Etsy. A small frame pile has been growing alongside, whenever I found a good one for less than two bucks in a thrift store or antiques store.

And here is where it will live:

We have yet to paint that awesome skylight/clearstory thing, but when we do it'll probably be glossy white, and maybe we'll hang a ton of mirrors up there to maximize the wee bit of natural light the space gets. 

Tomorrow, I think I'm going to buy a mat cutter and lots of white matboard. It's good to have a project.

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Misti said...

I love your gallery wall. I've been trying to convince my husband that it wouldn't look bad to have something like that. he has an aversion to frames!

Kristina Strain said...

Thanks for your encouragement. We'll see how it turns out-- I think there may be an element of trial and error involved.

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