Monday, January 9, 2012


Patrick hasn't had a gig since December. The restaurant where I waitress is closed until February. Can I just take a minute to tell you wonderful it has been?

This weekend was one long, sweet, quiet date. We had a dinner date out and a dinner date in, a breakfast date in the car and a lunch date at the dining room table. We had a antiquing date and a driving date and a sitting-and-listening-to-NPR date and a movie date. I am cramming as much date time as possible into this month, because oh, it is so fleeting. The rest of the year, he will be gigging and I will be waitressing every Friday and Saturday evening (and even some Sundays too) but for right now it is the January lull, and I am sponging up as much husband time as possible. 

These pictures are from a hiking date Sunday afternoon. As we drove north, the driving sleet softened into the perfect sort of floaty, romantic snow... magic snow... and we stepped into the woods among towering spruce trees and just let the quiet fill us. 

(You can barely see the snowflakes falling in my photos, but the air was full of them all around us. Patrick had snow in his hair. I did, too.)

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Misti said...

Beautiful scenes! Quiet weekends are often the best ones.

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