Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Patrick and I spent part of our Saturday rummaging through an old barn full of antiques nearby. It was the jumbled, messy, chaotic sort of antiques place-- dust on everything, piles covered with sheets, water spots where the rain had come in through the corrugated steel roof. In the very top of the barn, fat stacks of framed photographs and artwork waited quietly next to a small mountain of ruined lampshades. Because I've lately been in a framed art state of mind, I dove in. Actually, Patrick dove in. He found a covered bridge print (below) from about ten miles away from where I grew up. And then I dove in, too.

Within ten seconds, he pulled out the bottom band photograph, and ten seconds later, I found the top one. Its mate.

Look at these guys.

Look at these dapper, earnest guys with their shiny instruments and smart bow-ties. This pair of photographs is going to look so terrific in Patrick's room, I can't believe how easily we found them.

Just as easily, we scooped up three covered bridge prints by the same artist, all from my home county. 

To thank us for carting away some of the dusty mess cluttering up the barn, the owner (who I sense may be feeling slightly stuck with a big dusty mess not of his making), cut us a serious deal. Those photographs above he gave us for $2 apiece. Damn.

I think we'll be going back sometime soon.

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Becky said...

The band photos are brilliant! What cool finds.

How close to where you grew up were you shopping? Loving the 3 bridges too. Is someone jumping off in one? Viewing on my phone, so they be small.

Kristina Strain said...

We were about midway between Gilbertsville and my hometown-- about 20 minutes each way. In the black and white one there are three boys skinny dipping, one of which is jumping off the abutment. Naked boys as decorative art! That's not weird, is it? :)

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