Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some artifacts

The mat cutter I ordered is taking its sweet time arriving, so in the mean time I've been fiddling. I picked up two 8 x 8 square canvasses at Michael's last week, because I really love the look of a spare canvas in the middle of a frame wall, and because I'm forever collecting "bits" of things to display. The handful of artifacts on the canvas is from the beach at Long Point State Park, where we had our second date and then later got engaged. Not on the same day. The little metal button, and also the piece of purple beach glass (in the tiny frame) I specifically remember from our second date. Sigh.

Those tiny frames are ones I picked up at the thrift store months ago. They had a package of the four cheapo little frames for $1.25, I think. The box was so flimsy and the packaging so cheap that they actually glued the box to the frames... but that was nothing a little sandpaper couldn't fix. I primed and spray painted them glossy white. The bottom frame holds a skeleton key we found in this house when we bought it. I love artifacts like that.

Obviously I took the glass out of the tiny frames, and put in a piece of white cardstock and a piece of corrugated cardboard in its place. 

I like to do things like this, projects that use thrifted materials and take forever to complete because there's always the waiting... waiting for the perfect materials to find their way to you. It makes the process more enjoyable, and gives you time to think the thoughts you need to think to make it right.

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