Friday, January 22, 2010

You Will Like Them

It was MLK Day. I had the day off, Patrick didn't. I was maybe a little bit bored, and also, I had some tip money in my pocket. It was raining. I don't know if that fact is necessary to the story, but it seemed important at the time.

I've lived here long enough to know that when you have a little bit of money, and an afternoon to kill, you should waste no time getting yourself to Charlie Brown's Antiques.

And that's what I did.

I love this place. It's where I've found some of my favorite finds. (See here, here, here, and here.) By now, I've gained a comfortable familiarity: I know which booths are likely to have old hardware, for example, and where to find the vintage linens. I also know where to avoid: Garfield mugs and 1980's Barbie dolls.

The poster I found wedged in the back of one of my favorite spots: a two-booth suite overflowing with all manner of exuberant junk, most of it very old and a little rustic. And today, behold, for the entire lot was marked 50% off. I climbed to get the prize, oh, did I. Planting my feet carefully amid the boxes of old picture frames, and bracing one arm strategically against a fireplace mantel (for sale, $65), I made my way towards my quarry. I felt a little (just a little) like Indiana Jones being chased by that boulder as I emerged, a fathom-high stack of 8-track tapes collapsing behind me.

By that point, though, I was well into the giddiness brought on by the realization that I could take it home for a mere $9. I may have cackled a little as I walked to the cash register. Forgive me. For a lover of both square dances and old stuff, this poster is about as perfect a find as they come.


Gloria said...

Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your nice comments! I love the poster you found, what a treasure. I also love those vintage sheet curtains you made on one of your older posts. So homey and adorable! The cat showing up was a lovely touch...:)

... said...

there is nothing like finding this kind of treasure! I love the hunt too;)

Kristina said...

Thanks, Gloria. Pete (the cat) does love his fifteen minutes of fame.

wishes, true and kind said...

Hi, Kristina. You are a "no reply blogger" for leaving comments so I couldn't link to your email, but I wanted to thank you for coming by my blog and commenting. Your words were so sweet! A log cabin is a great way first quilt; and there's nothing like a wonky one to keep you from fretting about everything measuring up perfectly. I'm sure you'll have fun and make a beautiful quilt. Good luck!


Becky said...

I know the feeling! The comfortable store, the dusty booths, the "eek, another nekkid Barbie!" the rummaging so intently that you wouldn't even notice George Clooney rummaging beside you - well, okay, you'd notice George but it wouldn't matter because you see IT! No, not the Stephen King IT but the gently worn IT! The day is a wonderful success and George is taking you for coffee.....

Amy. said...

I am so glad you left a comment at my blog so I could in turn find you!! I love your style of writing and look forward to reading more older posts as well as future posts.
I will add you to my list.
Love the great vintage poster find and the curtains you made and showed a few posts ago!!

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