Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A pause in the action, and a return

Would you like to hear an excuse for where I've been the past three weeks? I could come up with one, I'm sure, but it would sound pretty pathetic. Blah blah blah, family events, blah blah blah, dirty kitchen, blah blah blah, wrapping up canning and freezing and getting sucked in to Christmas present-making, but really? Really I just needed a break. A wee one. I had the past week off from my day job. In that time, I focused a mighty momentum on our little house, and busted out a string of projects that felt good to accomplish.

This is a busy time of year. Everyone knows. Not only are there the preparations for winter, the end-of-harvest food preservation doings, there's Christmas looming large as well, with Thanksgiving tucked in there for good measure.

In the past two weeks, I've taken a very serious look at our house, and appraised the five remaining weeks left in the calendar, and gotten a little queasy. I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time last year. It was a big deal. At the time, I was not working. I was, truth-to-tell, a little bit bored. What better cure for boredom than the excuse to pour heart and soul into a whopper of a meal plan, a menu worthy of Nobel-prize commendation? (They should have a category for that, they really should.) This year, I have two jobs. Things will be different. The next five weeks are going to be very very full.

So in the calm-before-the-storm, I had to step back and ready myself. I went and enjoyed the aesthetics of chickens:

The Farmer's Museum, Cooperstown, NY
I handily beat Patrick at Scrabble.
I did some peaceful cemetery strolling.

I did some shopping.

Quite a lot, actually.

I bought a little cottage-style nightstand, and an antique desk in need of refinishing. As a result, the back of our kitchen now looks like this:

Suffice to say, it's going to be a busy five weeks.
What projects are you undertaking this autumn?


Mrs. Danby said...

GAH!!! Wicked cute cuppycakes!! You've been a busy little bee, m'dear. Hope to see you soon.

Lisa-Marie said...

I hope you had time for some relaxing whilst your were being busy! I look forward to reading about your next 5 weeks!

Kristina said...

Lisa-Marie, I'm guessing there's going to be lots of gunk-scrubbing in the next five weeks. I'll try to focus on the more interesting aspects of it all!

Kami said...

I hear ya on needing a break. Good for you for taking one and not moaning on and on about how you don't feel like writing (ehem.)
And, I loved those hamburger cupcakes. You neglected to mention that they were so artful and realistic that they fooled a discriminating toddler who loves cake but not hamburgers!

Karen said...

it must be a time for blog breaks. haven't been on mine in two weeks, and i'm reading several other of my links where everyone's saying the same things. i'm assuming that yes, it's a natural rhythm of the season of change. stay well and see you when you're full force again! (or half-force .... lol) : )
ps those cupcakes::: so fun? where from?

Kristina said...

Karen-- glad I'm not the only one. The cupcakes are from flickr-- click the link and it'll take you there.

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