Monday, January 2, 2012


It's finally snowing. Patrick has the day off, so we've both been puttering today: a little writing or picking, a little crafting or cooking or tidying, watching the flakes fall. All our decorations are still up, which is as it should be, I think. January is too dark for anything but light. 

I fixed whatever issue was making my blog take ten minutes to load for a month, which was deeply satisfying. And now to get on with the business of the new year... Hope it's a good one, friends.

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Anonymous said...

I am grateful that you fixed that blog loading issue because I would walk away from the computer when I wanted to read your blog (which I love) and come back later...and there it would be. All along, I thought it was my slow computer...


Becky said...

Send us some snow please. Thank you!

Love the cozy cats that I suspect are in front of an equally cozy fire.

Meand3Jays said...

Ha! I thought it was my computer too! Tell those cats to scooch over so I can take a cozy nap too!

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