Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Feeling quiltish

Slowly, in the middle of it all, a quilt is growing. It's a life raft of calm in this week, which is growing to resemble a dunk tank of unknowns. New house, new commute, new patterns and systems, even a new weekend job which will start up soon (waitressing at the [fabulous] restaurant in town). In the midst of it all, this cutting and piecing, each careful seam building upon the last... it's straight-up therapy, is what it is.

What did I used to turn to in times like these, before I learned how to sew?

Anyway, right, the project. I've been de-stashing. The solid squares are linen which has been living in my stash for years-- the unfortunate aftermath of a misguided attempt at dyeing-- and I've been very much of the de-stash mentality lately, both in the fridge and in the craft room. The printed squares were leftovers from a pillow project a couple years ago, and were waiting, patiently, for me to come along and give them a purpose. Initially I was going to regularly intersperse the prints, but ended up settling on a more "deliberate random" design. I like the way the printed squares become more dense toward the bottom of the quilt-- it's playful and perfect for the unnamed-as-yet recipient.

In the meantime, curtains for the new house have been getting sewn, one by one. I can't believe I'm actually going to get to hang them this weekend. Pinch me. Please.

What's been keeping your machine/thread/fingers busy these days?



Els said...

I'm crocheting a scarf. Or a square thingie for on a table, because I might get bored with the relatively easy pattern too soon...

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