Friday, April 29, 2011

Roasted Potatoes with chive pesto. And a fried egg.

Chives just don't let you down. I'd been watching mine needle up from their tidy clump for weeks, waiting for them to get big enough for the dinner table.

I'd schemed up this dinner sometime in mid-February. Chives were still a long way off then, but, I thought: come they will. And I'll need a way to eat them. I sat at the dining room table with a cup of tea and looked out at the snowdrifts, and I conjured up chive pesto. Tossed with the last of the winter potatoes and topped with an egg, it'll be the perfect springtime dinner.

And, I'm proud to report, it was.

I'm well into clean-out mode, in preparation for the move. I made pesto by dragging every remotely pesto-related ingredient out of the fridge, furrowing my brow, and tossing random things into the food processor. In the end, I had this:

1/4 cup roughly chopped chives
2-3 tbsp crumbled feta cheese
enough olive oil to make it pesto-y
liberal ground black pepper
a handful of green pumpkin seeds just for the heck of it

The verdict: chives and feta, surprisingly good. This is not a pesto to eat before a job interview. Or a date. But to dress up some roasted potatoes, or mild fish, or even to eat with butter on bread (call me crazy) it's pretty darn good.

Another recent clean-out related score: Irish Soda Bread muffins. One empty dried currants box out of the pantry and into the recycling bin: check!

Happy Friday!



Becky said...

Oooh, so glad it worked. I knew you'd come up with something very yummy! Now to go chop some chives and send Hubby to the store for Feta!

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