Monday, May 9, 2011


At Treegate Farm, in Ithaca.
Our weekend consisted of:

// helping a friend clear some ready-to-divide perennials out of her garden.
// digging and potting and planting and digging and potting and planting.
// watching a magnificent storm roll over just south of the farm.

// new peach salsa converts.
// a happy Sunday morning drive out to our house, with a large iced latte by my side.
// lifting and hauling 400 square feet of sod
// celebrating asparagus, which is now topping eight inches tall
// sitting on our neighbor's porch as Patrick put the final coat of finish on our floors. (I could see him through the windows from time to time.)
// relocating to our porch, once the finishing was finished, with a couple of celebratory beers.

This is our last week as Binghamtonians. I can't believe we're finally here.



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