Friday, April 18, 2014

Into it

Everything in the year starts to be good when the peas begin coming up. I checked at 4pm yesterday and had one; two hours later when I took Patrick over to boast, I had two! 

I also have cress seedlings-- never grown cress before, but a close-out packet of seeds last year tempted me-- and beets! I had planted carrots and beets maybe two weeks ago, and covered the bed with plastic row covers, thinking it might warm the soil the speed germination. And it sure did. It's so nice when an experiment works out. I'll be doing that again.

Crocus! So many of 'em got snowed on the other night, and collapsed, but more are pushing through now. Crocus renewal.

Cold frame arugula. I also have kale, lettuce, and spinach.

Lawn Delmer. The grass is really starting to grow.

Aforementioned cress.

My first Frog Pond trip of the year was Wednesday, and I bought the year's broccoli, seed potatoes, onion sets, and even some garlic to plant (it was showing green tops, so I assume I can plant it.) When all was said and done last fall, I only had about 100 cloves to plant-- not enough for winter storage and year's seed-- so more was called for.

It feels so good to have things begun out there. 

This weekend Patrick has two gigs-- things have been a little quiet on the gig-front lately, so this is a good thing-- and I am anticipating getting back to my regular long evenings on the "fahm," out working and enjoying the quiet. And spring. Good spring.

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Becky said...

Hooray for the Sprouts of Spring!

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