Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It is both dazzling and daunting to see a room tore-up from the floor-up. As I was telling my mother-in-law, dramatic, visible progress is a good thing. Sometimes, the dramatic progress leads to polished surfaces. Sometimes the dramatic progress leads to CHAOS. But it's always good to get the progress, no matter the type. My FIL came last Friday AM and we tore everything out. The most stressful part for me was emptying all the cabinets (my precious! spices! implements! favorite pans! where will you live NOW?) but once that was accomplished (not so bad, really) things started ticking along. Tom came back Saturday, and Monday, and now we are ready for one more day of floor-leveling cement application... oh man, that floorrrr... and then that will cure and we will be ready for backer board and thinset and TILE!! Whoo hoo! TILE!

Soon. The weather has been, I must say, MARVELOUS, and this is exactly the time when we could really use some marvelous weather. Not just because it's been a long winter, but because our downstairs is sort of uninhabitable right now. You just-- or, correction, I just-- can't relax in a room that contains a fireplace and a Victorian couch and built-in bookcases and a marooned DISHWASHER. Y'know? So, we've been patio-ing it up. There have been lawn beers.

And today it is going to snow, for the LAST time, and that will be swell. And in the meantime, the dining room is actually proving quite satisfactory as an interim kitchen. Kind of novel. 

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Becky said...

Necessity - mother of invention - etc! Wow! Gotta level the floor!?! So glad that progress is happening and that you have such handy family members.

I understand not wanting to hang in a den with a dishwasher. We currently have "random chair" in the middle of the living room but fewer boxes to empty!

I know your kitchen is going to be spectacular!!!!

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