Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It's modest, but makes me smile. Never had I done any exterior decorating-- save for a wreath on the door-- but, with the outside of our house finally looking one-quarter pretty, I wanted a string of lights.

In my heart of hearts, I want twenty strings of lights-- enough to do the whole roofline-- but... well... there's just no way. Man lift + snow? Sigh. 

Yesterday I braved a rather persistent snow squall to go to my Zumba class. But the real motivation was the antiques store not far from Zumba, and the love of "the hunt" and the thrill of Christmas coming. I finally have a plan for the dining room, and I can't wait to put it all in place. 

I'm pleased to say that after Saturday's bad luck antiquing, yesterday brought me better prospects. I found a beat up buffet for $60 that they said they'd let me have for $45-- their idea, not mine!-- and scurried down the road to pick up Patrick's dad's truck. Then I paid, and we loaded the thing, and I made the poor choice of driving the podunk backcountry hill road home rather than the longer and less-direct county road...

Whoever designed the F-150 was not from a northern clime. I spun all over the place trying to get up a series of hills, and stopped to wait, and tried not to freak out, and let a cinders truck pass me once, twice.... and backed down slowly, and fiiiinally made it up. I was The Steam Engine That Could. I was never so happy to see my own driveway than I was yesterday afternoon. Phew. This buffet and I already have a story together, and I can't wait to dress it up and put it in place.

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Becky said...

Ack! Ford trucks are good but not really made for slippery slopes are they? Can't wait to see your new buffet! Sounds like quite the bargain.

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