Monday, December 9, 2013

Into the season

We had a good weekend. We went for a hike in the snow, and Del had a ball. The dog loves snow-- eats it, dances in it, frolics in it-- and just generally loves being out, too. So that's nice. Then we got home, and Patrick and I went antiquing, looking for a few things for the dining room, and came home surprisingly almost-empty-handed. Sometimes antiquing karma just isn't there when you want it to be. 

Sunday I made two batches of homemade pasta and a double recipe of mom's sugar cookies, and it took me the whole day. I always forget how long cookies take. I always make these big enormous snowflake cutouts, and I can only fit six per cookie sheet, so.... the whole process takes many many hours. BUT, they're done, the tree is up (that happened last weekend) and gift-making is coming along well. Almost done, actually. And I want to get done early so maybe I can focus on making a few more Christmassy things for the house, or maybe just cleaning. Eesh, the cleaning!

I did at least manage to find time for this Sunday, though.

His face! Slays me.

He is remarkably tolerant of the antlers, which is probably not so lucky for him. He just kind of blinks, and sighs, and wonders quietly why his head feels a little tight suddenly. Sweet pup. 

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