Monday, November 11, 2013


We met up with my parents, and set out on a hike. Del was beyond excited to see grandma and grandpa again. 

The weather started out somewhat promising. Bits of sun. It has been incredibly cloudy lately, so I'm glad I snapped a shot of this glowing cornfield.

There's a spot where the trail comes near train tracks. My dad loves trains. Throughout our family history, Dad has brought me along as "train bait," because when I am around, a train usually shows up. We have chased trains all over the state, for many long years. So. I stood purposefully, and looked down those tracks, and tugged my ear lobe. Five minutes later, Woooo, wooooo, we had our train. The phenomena continues...

Then we tried a family portrait.

Errr, kind of.

The trail meandered a little more, and then suddenly the wind picked up and a snowstorm was upon us. Out of nowhere. 

Oh, November. You like to keep us guessing.

We hightailed it back to the car and drove into town for hot pizza. And we decided we need to do this more often

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