Wednesday, November 13, 2013


We, er. We had some snow this week. I'm always such a sucker for the first snow, standing at my office window, rapt, like laaa laaa laaaaaa. Like a damn Who in Whoville. Exactly like that. This was no exception.  

I love how it changes the light inside the house. This morning is sunny-- see previous comment about how it's been really gloomy lately-- and so I laid in bed an extra fifteen minutes and just admired the pretty sun washing through the pretty curtains in our bedroom, and the big fluffy white clumps of snow falling off the roof. This thrill will wear off, but for now just the novelty of snow is enough.

In other news, we're still getting 4-6 eggs a day.

This picture of Olive was too good to not publish. When we got her seven (gulp) years ago, she would dive under the bed as soon as we entered the room, ran from us, hid from us, for the first three months we had her. Would not let us pick her up. Now, she tolerates pretty much anything, and she loves Patrick most of all.

I snuck up on Del with my camera this morning. His face just cracks me up.

I see you, mom. 

You can pretend that I don't see you, but I do.

See? I see you. You worry me sometimes, mom. 

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Meand3Jays said...

He has the perfect cheeks to grab in your hands as you lay a big ol' smooch on him! What a cutie. We had out first flakes blowing around yesterday morning (central MD) and when I went outside this morning, I had just enough to gather off of my windshield and toss it into the air! Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

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