Friday, November 8, 2013


Yesterday was the first day I was inside all day. The first day it was nasty enough, and cold enough outside to just cocoon into my space-heatered office, sweatpants, and late-afternoon tea, and let it pour. Come dinnertime, though, I needed ingredients, so I puled on my boots. It was shiverish out there in the gathering dark, to be sure, but thrilling: hacking off kale leaves as big as my head with a kitchen knife, feeling a little like someone forging a new trail through the "bush," from Kinshasa to some remote village. Pulling leaves from my cold frame full of spinach, and closing the lid, cutting a few tender fennel fronds that were spared by the freeze. Thinking to check for eggs--six!-- before heading back inside.

On the menu, one of my favorite soups, cooked as it grew fully dark all around. A good evening.

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Becky said...

I know it was better than my failed crock pot potato soup. :( I hate when that happens but my home made soda bread was excellent!

Enjoy the staying warm snuggly weekend!

Lisa-Marie said...

Husband and I aren't in the position to grow much of our on stuff, but this - this is the dream. A bountiful basket. :)

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