Friday, February 8, 2013

On the cusp

Lo, for the hatches have been battened. We have wine, beer, chocolate, lentils, and flour enough to last into next week, plus eggs. You can do a lot with wine, beer, chocolate, lentils, flour, and eggs. I have this stitching to keep me company, as I sit in my chair and let it snow.
The light this morning is so soft and gray; all I did was walk around taking pictures of pretty places and things I hadn't talked about for awhile. It's amazing how little changes happen over time, and how easy it is to forget they haven't had their time in the sun.

Patrick snatched this up off eBay last year, and it was a Good Husband Moment. You probably can't read it, but it says Second Annual Ball, blah blah blah, to be held at Village Hall, Gilbertsville, NY. Friday Eve, January 28th, 1898. What a lucky, lucky strike that was. Patrick loves to lurk on eBay looking for guitars and amps and general good deals on gear, but sometimes when he's bored he types in "Gilbertsville, NY," and sees what pops up.

This is a mold someone once used to cast decorative plaster trim. A fine antiques shop score. I'm thinking it might look at home hung on the wall someplace, maybe in our new bathroom, when it's finished.

And of course I have to show you that bookcase I mentioned here, don't I? Isn't she a beaut? I'm not sure where she's going to live, but it's going to be someplace prominent. Sometimes a piece comes along that you just need, y'know? We don't have a lot of things in this house that look original, or in step with the era it was built in. And that's fine, we're not purists or anything. But it's so nice to have this one, for now, and imagine that it might have come from a house somewhere built about the same time as this one (probably not quite, but close) and think about its story.
Side note: according to the deed, our house was sold furnished for the first six decades of its life, 1850-1910. SIGH.
Well, happy Friday, everyone. Hope those getting more snow than we stay safe and warm. There is a snow party tonight, with pizza, next door, and tomorrow there will likely be snowshoeing before another non-snow party with other neighbors. It's gonna be a good weekend.

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