Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Square corners and tucked-under edges

This is fun. I've been nibbling away at my scrap basket since Christmas, making hexagons and dropping them into a popcorn bowl. Now that I'm running out of hexagon papers, I have to start doing something with the hexagons I've made so I can steal their paper innards and make more hexagons. It might take three eternities of hexagons before I've got my scrap basket emptied, but I intend to try, anyway. I did get to pull a bunch of bigger scraps out and make some patchwork bias tape, which was also fun. Generally speaking, the more different fabrics I get to work with at one time, the happier I am.

This is going to be our table runner, as I mentioned last Wednesday. The top is linen, the middle is pieces of a ratty old sheet that was on that ironing board I recovered, and the back is a piece of another less-ratty sheet, chocolate brown, part of a set that wore out on us this summer. We wore out two sets of sheets this summer-- sets we've had for years which happened to choose summer, 2012, as their personal time to go. As a result, the suitcases where I keep old sheets and blankets and things to be used as quilt backings or batting (sometimes I cheat) are filled to overflowing. 

It's been so nice to get back to sewing this winter. I still have that list of home improvements I'd like to take on, before spring, which is seeming less and less pressing, to be honest. Sometimes I need to take a break from projects that are overwhelming and messy and expensive, and make square corners and perfect tucked-under edges and let someone else handle the messy and the overwhelming. 

Case in point.

Seeing this was a big-time squeal moment. We chose the subway tile, of course, but it was Tom who worked in the little cubbies for shampoo and such, and Tom who suggested we use some leftover glass tile from their kitchen for an accent partway up the wall. Brilliance. The whole thing is beginning to look spa, somehow, and I am electrically excited for the day it's done. Not impatient, mind you, just excited. 

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