Wednesday, January 16, 2013


**Thank you to everyone who commented on Monday's post. It's so nice to hear other stories, and be reminded of what we gave him, and what he gave us. Thank you.**

So. Last Wednesday I decamped into the great, gritty wilderness of upstate New York antiques stores. I love antiquing, if you hadn't gathered already. The dusty, dimly lit corners, the crazy crap, the thrill of the chase. This time, I told myself: no impulse buys. No more aqua art pottery, no more cute planters, no more clutter! Just a buffet, a perfect buffet, thank you ma'm. 

I went to Iroquois Antiques, and Old Hickory Antiques. Ed's, and Pete's, and Charlie Brown's. I did not come home with anything last Wednesday, so I expanded my search into Friday as well. I went to Binghamton with Patrick, and I hit up America's Attic.

It is not the place to find bargains, but if you want to take your pick of a variety of solid-wood, unscratched antique buffets in a myriad of shapes and sizes, it most emphatically is the place.

If you want to be lured into buying a lovely Victorian bookcase, too, completely on impulse, because you've never seen anything so perfectly in step with the feel of your Victorian house, well then, America's Attic is also the place for that. Photo of bookcase coming soon. She's a gem.

Meanwhile, progress goes on. 

Why am I reminded of a Mary Oliver poem? Meanwhile, the world goes on. Things are ready. We have all our tile, a fine tub, a repurposeable toilet, ten sheets of hardy backer and five bags of thinset. 

The tub is sitting in our guest room. Every day I walk past it and think about the first time I get to soak in it. In March, with Epsom salts, after a garden-digging marathon. Ohhh baby.

Meanwhile, things downstairs are being tweaked. I packed away all the Christmas stuff on Sunday, then swept, and dusted, and turned the corner with the little aqua desk from this...

...into this.

Much better. All our old snow melted away outside, giving the chickens a break from coop-captivity, but we have a fluffy new blanket falling this morning, a happy thing indeed.

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Becky said...

I just don't think I could love your house any more and then - boom - you rearrange a tiny bit and I am thunderstruck! Love the cabinet on top of the aqua table!

Bathtub in the guest room made me laugh out loud. Just sounds so ridiculous doesn't it? :)

Enjoy your new snow. We may even get a wee bit tonight in the middle of North Carolina!!

Kristina Strain said...

I love that cabinet, too-- and funny, I scored that at America's Attic, too. It's super ancient, with dove-tailed edges. I blogged about it here.

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