Monday, August 1, 2011

Back from the wilderness

Apologies for the unannounced absence! The good news is, we spent a week in the Adirondacks and had a great time. There is no bad news. Regular blogging resumes now.

We spent a week in the Adirondacks two summer ago, and though it was excessively moist, we managed to have a great time anyway. This stint built upon that theme. Fortunately, we know the area well enough to have a built-in list of rainy day (and rainy evening) activities. We went to the Adirondack museum in Blue Mountain Lake (world class), we ate dinner at one of our favorite places, the Eat-n-Meet Grill in Saranac Lake (also world class), and traveled to Lake Placid one evening to catch a movie (Horrible Bosses). Who says there's anything wrong with going to the movies while you're on a camping trip? 

No one. That's right.

On with the photos!

Patrick's Ultimate Veggie Burgers, a camping trip tradition since 2007.

Ruins of MacIntyre Furnace, at the south side of Mt. Marcy. What makes these old industrial relics so appealing? This one reminded me of an Incan temple or something. Very cool.

Forked Lake.

Lamb gyro at the Eat-n-Meet. We watched it pour, and felt smug.

Buttermilk Falls.

Cardinal flower.

Hiking the Floodwood Loop in the rain. Insufferable deer flies.

Submerged "bridges." Not pictured: the ice cream cones we inhaled later in the day, as a reward for our exertions. When camping, it's very important to keep your strength up.

Rocky Falls, on Indian Pass Brook. I worked two miles away from this place the summer I was twenty. It felt great to be back.

Loon mama and chick. We heard loons every night, and most days. Listening to loons = inner peace.

Cranberry on the shores of Rollins Pond.

Rollins Pond.

Fly agaric mushroom. 

Next year, we're talking about doing a multi-day canoe trip. I already can't wait.

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Misti said...

Gorgeous hike! Was blog hopping and found your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristina! Been reading your blog for a few months (found you via Pink of Perfection) but had to comment now because I've just emerged from my own week in the Adirondacks and it's a place that's very dear to my heart. Buttermilk Falls is on the way to our family place up there. (I have never actually stopped at Buttermilk Falls, always being too eager to get into camp already!) And I spent a summer in college interning at the Adk Museum. So glad that you had a good week in the north country. Beth P.

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