Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wallpaper and womanly fortitude.

This is the big house project for the coming weekend. I wrote about this wallpaper here, and how much I love it, and how I couldn't afford it but am getting the same effect. How I plan to turn my room into a giant paint-by number.

I toted my beloved wallpaper to Kinko's last night, and they made me an overhead transparency. You know, old school. Think eighth grade history class. I am picking up my rented overhead projector on Friday. I really really hope this goes well. I hope it works. The tricky part is going to be matching up the repeats, so it all looks like one cohesive design. "Tricky" may be a brash understatement.

Supplies so far:
Wallpaper sample, $2.70
Overhead transparency, $4.34
Projector rental, $15
Paint and brushes (used a gift card), free.

Now, to trace a blue million tiny little petals and leaves and little stemmy bits and stamens and petals and more leaves and...

If you never hear from me again, you know where to find me. In Gilbertsville. With an overhead projector. Squinting at the walls.


Natalie said...

What an amazing undertaking! I hope it goes well, can't wait to hear.

Kristina Strain said...

"Amazing" might be a brash understatement, too! We'll have to see. :)

Becky said...

I admire your ambition.

And think you might be a little crazy. ;)

I do think it will be beautiful though!

Kristina Strain said...

Oh, come on, by now you KNOW I'm crazy.

Pink of Perfection said...

Crazy, maybe. Amazing, yes. And genius? TOTALLY.

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