Monday, January 3, 2011

Aptly begun

It was a good New Year's Eve. I find they're either really fun, or they're terrible. There's no midway. But this one was good.

I got to watch Patrick rock out with his newest band, Tim Herron Corporation. There was a big crowd, and a lot of them were singing along. I got to join another tribe of band wives, which is by far the best part about being married to a musician. Band wives are some of the cutest, most interesting folks imaginable.

Saturday, there were omelettes for brunch, and a five hour ride home. Phew.

And once we got home, we decided that since we weren't sleeping or eating or working or attending any social events the following day, we should spend that day in Gilbertsville. Is that any big surprise?

So we drove the hour out to the house, and settled into work. The trim is almost done. The trim is almost done. I AM REALLY SICK OF TRIM. The front room, sitting room, and great room have required three coats of trim paint. That's nine windows, eight doors (front and back) and several miles of baseboards. Fortunately, the dining room (shown above: one window, six door-frames, four doors) requires only one coat. Phew.

It was an altogether fitting start to 2011. How did you spend yours?


Becky said...

I agree with your New Year's Eve assessment! Glad yours was fun. I'm a rock band Mom. I love hanging with the Band wives and girlfriends!

G'ville is really coming together! Doing trim ain't never fun.

Kristina Strain said...

I have a feeling someday I'll be a band mom, too, Becky. I didn't know we had that in common.

Thanks so much for the encouraging words. We only have to paint trim once, right? Once it's over, it's OVER. :)

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