Friday, January 7, 2011

Second thoughts

The car is packed. The overhead projector is perched on the backseat like an awkward swan, awaiting its debut. I'm biting my nails, and not because of the snow.

When I revealed this plan to you all on Wednesday, I was actually feeling pretty good about it. Sure, I thought, it'll take awhile. It won't be easy. But I can do it. And then I began to get comments. On Facebook and on the blog, comments that contained the words crazy, overly ambitious, insane. When pal 'o my heart and veteran bridesmaid Stephanie wrote I'm scared for you, I really started to worry.

And even my mom expressed concerns. It's a good rule of thumb in life: when your mom expresses concerns, LISTEN UP. If your mom, the one person in the entire universe who's supposed to have faith in your abilities beyond all reason DOESN'T HAVE FAITH IN YOUR ABILITIES, pay attention.

I should probably listen. But there's that projector in my backseat, and my transparency, and my PLAN, and, aw hell, I'm going for it anyway. Live free or bust, right?

Update Monday.


Anonymous said...

If you get through one wall and want to run screaming for the hills I have an idea! You could do one wall all fancy, and then do the remaining walls each in a single color. You've got three or four colors there, yes? That could be one for each wall*, and the last wall stenciled. I think this is a good backup plan.

*I have at least one room with 5 walls...

Kristina Strain said...

That's a pretty good idea! I'll definitely start with the one that's the most important, and if I need to I can do the other walls in a base color. I think painting each wall a different color might get a little too technicolor for me!

Becky said...

I think 4 different colored walls would make it feel as if the room is falling in on ya.

How about making the design a border? Either at the ceiling or chair rail height? You can always add more later.

I have confidence that you can at least get one wall totally drawn. Then maybe do a border and/or bits and pieces on the others?

Kristina Strain said...

ALSO a good idea. You guys are brilliant. Must be the name. If I name my firstborn Becky, will she be as smart?

Gretchen said...

I say go for it...sounds like it may be a lot of work, but in the end you'll have what you want on your own terms.

katherine mary said...

If anyone can do it, Kristina, it's you. Seriously. You are amazing!

Pink of Perfection said...

I'm with katherine mary. Why not give it a try––I am SO impressed and can't wait to hear the update!

Anonymous said...

Yes Becky is a great name for smart and talented ladies!

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