Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let there be peas on earth

Apologies, everyone. I'm sure by now you're all very sick of dirt-and-growing-things pictures, as well you should be. For going on two weeks now, it's pretty much all I've been doing. This is the time, though, the season when Sweetfern Handmade turns into a seedling mommy-blog.

I planted these guys the same day I started my radishes; by now it feels like years ago. The snow had barely melted, the daffodil shoots had barely broken through. The season's first robin was spotted that evening. Now we've seen temperatures in the eighties, the daffodils are blooming, robins are everywhere, and snow is only a grim memory.

And I'm afraid there'll be lots more seedling baby pictures to come before it's all over.


Becky said...

Keep 'em coming Kristina! I am gardening vicariously through you! I'll get mine started next week I hope.

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