Monday, September 28, 2009


Stockings-- one of my favorite things about fall.

I love them coiled all snailish and sweet. They'll be keeping the knees of this die-hard skirt-wearer warm on many a chilly autumn night.


Becky said...

I love 'em too!! we just had a cold front move through with thunderstorms. Can't wait for it to get colder here!

Kristina said...

I think we had that same cold front, Becky. Did it bring you hail, too?

Karen said...

i LOVE my knee high socks, leggings, and skirts all winter, too!

been chilly here too

Emily said...

YES!! I love them. Socks are my very favorite thing to knit. Monday, our first very cold day here, I broke out some handmade wool ones and wore them. I feel that fall has officially come now and am looking forward to all of the wooliness associated with the cold weather!

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