Sunday, September 27, 2009


This is one of the best things: a cold rainy fall day, a warm kitchen with a whistling tea kettle. I just spent the better part of the day in there, puttering away and humming, listening to some of my favorite autumn music (Uncle Earl, Jo Serrapere), and just basically being in love with being home.

In spring and summer, we thrill in getting out, exploring, adventuring, seeing the new and being seen. Come fall, we turn inward. All of a sudden, it's a September Sunday and I'm laying in bed fantasizing about spending the day with my kitchen. It's the best possible date: there is music, and good smells, and hot tea and a floor to dance on if the mood strikes.

Now I am picking sage. Now I am chopping an onion. Bit by bit, there's the release of the wild expectations of summer, the humble simple acceptance of fall. It's like a drug. I've been grooving to it all week.

I hope fall is finding you similarly enchanted.


Karen said...

yes!! yes!! i love fall!! i'm knitting a cream and burnt-orange colored scarf right now ... !!

Kristina said...

That's perfect! Burnt orange doesn't have a place in any other season, but it's welcome (and almost expected) in fall.

Gretchen said...

Fall is my favorite time of year - I call it my season of orange because I decorate the house with 'everything orange'...and it's a perfect time to make soup or stew...and, for me, football.

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