Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Autumn brings an irresistable urge to bake, and treats to go with it. Behold, for my kitchen has been taken over by oven mitts, brown sugar, and cinnamon-y goodness. This was the pear-cranberry crisp I made last night, using Molly Katzen's recipe from the (newly acquired) Sunlight Cafe. I love that it's a brunch and breakfast cookbook, and that it contains recipes for fruit crisps and cobblers. Because we were all secretly looking for an excuse to eat dessert for breakfast.


gail said...

ooooooooooooo---yum! the sound of pear and cranberry together just seems delish! i'm going to have to go get the recipe and make some for my family. thanks for sharing =)

Becky in VT said...

Everyone knows (or should know) that apple pie with cheddar cheese on top is a breakfast food. I think fruit crisps fall into the same category.

Kristina said...

You Vermonters always seem to know what's what. :)

Emily said...


Lisa-Marie said...

This is a picture of sheer bliss!

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