Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Three years ago today...

We've only been together three years, and already that picture seems like so long ago. My parents took it, on the day Patrick met them for the first time. (Can you tell by his nervous little smile?) We'd been dating two months, and I was pretty sure I was going to marry him. I'm happy to say, I was right.

It all started with Myspace. Out of the blue, he up and introduced himself. Now, I guess I had a cute Myspace picture or something, because I'd received a fair number of messages from guys on Myspace, usually heeeey baby, your hot, wanna chat? Patrick's was totally friendly, respectful, confident, and smart. I was impressed. Impressed enough to check his profile, where I beheld:

Interests: playing guitar, writing music, fixing up houses.

This is the point at which I had to go lay down. I confess: I am a woman who loses all reason when she sees a man with a guitar. I've wanted to knock boots with almost every single guitarist I've ever met. I took a few deep breaths, and did what any normal girl would do: I called my mom.

I read Mom his email, and immediately she knew what to do. She told me to marry him.

(I should point out here that my mom had never encouraged me to even go out with any other guy, ever.)

So. Eight days and three more emails later, we had our first date. That was today, three years ago. I enacted every stereotypical nervous female behavior there was: the long shower, the preening, the endless procession of skirts, dresses, jeans, and sweaters I stretched into and out of, in front of the mirror, frowning, before finally deciding what to wear.

Now, the thing about Myspace is, you're able to learn so much about a person before you even meet them. I already knew his favorite bands and favorite movies, and that he liked good wine. It's convenient, in a way. You have plenty of ready-made conversation starters. However, it can also make the stakes incredibly high. I am queen of preconceived notions. In my mind, here was the situation: tonight, I am going on a date with my ideal future husband. He is not only a vegetarian, a dog owner, and house fixer-upper, he's a musician, too. And, I thought, I have to try my best not to blow it, because if I blow it, there he'll be, my ideal future husband, scared off, never to come again.

The funny thing is, for once in my life, the only time in my life, my preconceived notion worked out. Our first date led to another and another and another, until I lost count. In addition to the stuff I read on his Myspace page, (which is all pretty trivial, when you think about it), he is the kindest, most dependable, smartest, specialest, goofiest guy I've ever known, and every day I know I'm lucky to have him.

So. That's our story. Thanks for reading. :)


ChristyACB said...

That is just the sweetest darn thing! And yes, fellow Monarch of Preconceived Notions..I'm so right there with you. Glad you found the right one.

Happy Anniversary!

Kristina said...

Thanks Christy. I'm glad, too. :)

katherine mary said...

Yay! I love this! I'm so glad that you met Pat and fell in love and came into all of our lives. I am also happy that I was able to be a part of your story on the night you met as a "wing woman" or man, or couple, as it were. <3 hooray!

oh, and i love that you used the term "knock boots."

Kristina said...

Thanks Kate! I'm glad I got to meet all you crazies, too.

Re: knock boots. It was hard to convey the sentiment without being crass, that's the best I could do. :)

Italian Sweetheart said...

happy anniversary!! i love your love story, and if i remember correctly we were there with kmc at a concert where we first met you! a beautiful ray of sunshine! :)

Kami said...

Love retelling love stories!! It makes my day brighter, as always, to see you two so dang happy and in love :)

karenjane said...

hope you had a great anniversary, thanks for sharing your falling-in-love story, so sweet, im glad you two found eachother and are so happy:)

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