Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Re-fashion #2: denim skirt

Meet skirt. Skirt was picked up, by me, at a thrift store probably four years ago. Skirt has never been worn. Skirt is a lovely J. Crew denim, worn irresistably smooth and soft from years of wear (by someone else) but alas, skirt is just a tad too tight for me.
Correction: was too tight.

This project didn't take quite as much courage as my shirt from two weeks ago. There was no cutting involved. I just applied my trusty seam ripper to the middle seam, inserted a tapered panel of fabric, and sewed it back up again.

The patches helped distract from the insert. The poppy-printed scraps were leftover from an earlier project, and I'd been squirreling them away to use on something for myself. This was the perfect chance.
I spent many happy hours in my arm chair, listening to This American Life podcasts and executing rows of perfect little blindstitches along the edges of the patches. I looove hand sewing.

Now, roll on warmer weather, so I can actually wear my refashioned goodies!


katherine mary said...

hooray for positive warm thoughts and beautiful sunny day skirts

ChristyACB said...

Seriously, that is a great skirt! I really, really like the new design as it both compliments and boosts the original block design.

You're so creative...do you bottle that for sale?

Kristina said...

Kate-- we need some positive thoughts to shoo away this "wintry mix" we're in for!

Christy-- Thanks for the kudos! I'll trade you some of my creativity for some of your sewing skills-- Elizabethan gown? Sounds lovely!

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