Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chickpea Crepes

Patrick and I cook together a lot. I think it's a sure sign of a healthy relationship. In my mind, if you can navigate close quarters, recipe reading, and the little debates over exactly when to put in the rice without wanting to send your knives ricocheting across the kitchen at each other, you're in good shape. Patrick and I have never come to throwing knives in the kitchen, I'm pleased to report. We spend a lot of time there: from weeknight dinners to weekend breakfasts to big meals for family and friends, he's a willing and capable sous chef. It seemed fitting, then, that we celebrate our anniversary by cooking together.

These crepes will change your life. They changed mine. They are simple as pie to whip up (in a blender), and while you do it you can feel glamorous and tres chic, like Amelie. I love feeling like Amelie, I don't know about you. And once they're made, dainty little pancakes that they are, you can fill them with pretty much whatever leftovers you've got. Reliably, the leftovers too will be transformed from ho-hum to tres chic, and you will have concocted a perfect little fantasy world merely by following this recipe. Enjoy!

Chickpea Crepes

2 cups warm water
2 tbsp olive oil
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 cup chickpea flour (check the international section of the supermarket)
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp chopped fresh parsley (optional)

Put everything in the blender. Turn it on. Scrape down the sides once or twice, and let the batter rest about twenty minutes.

Pick the smallest non-stick frying pan you've got, and put it on medium heat. Tip a dab of olive oil onto a paper towel, and wipe inside the pan. Once the pan's hot, measure out a quarter cup of batter. Take the frying pan in your right hand, and take the cup of batter in your left. Pour the batter onto the pan, turning it as you do so the batter covers as much of the pan as possible. It's all kinds of fun to make those first silly-looking lopsided crepes. They'll taste just as good as the perfect ones, I promise. Cook until golden-brown on the bottom, then flip, and cook another minute or so. Repeat with the rest of the batter; this recipe makes about 12-15 crepes.

For filling last night, we used a combination of sauteed onions (lots), sundried tomatoes, cauliflower, and chopped green olives. It was pretty good.

A brief FYI: olives go really, really well with this recipe.


ChristyACB said...

Great sounding recipe and yes, I so like feeling like Amelie too!

I'm always looking for more ways to use chickpeas, a totally overlooked and wonderful food in American kitchens and tummies.

Perhaps this would be good with the totally one-note disappointment of slow cooked pulled pork I made yesterday. You think?

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