Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Out with a bang

Chocolate ganache birthday cake, Moosewood Celebrates. Alexis' 26th birthday, Maxie's Supper Club, Ithaca, NY.
It was a convenient holiday get-together for the three of us. After spending long, merry days with family, it was refreshing to get out of the holiday rubble and have some spirited girl time.

I have to confess, I may not have been much of a conversation partner. I was too busy experimenting with my new camera. New camera! When I cruise my favorite blogs, I spend a lot of time drooling at the beautiful photography (you know who you are, Alicia and Amanda). I marvel at my blog heroes and their supernatural abilities to take decent photos in low-light settings, to overcome the nauseating effects of artificial light, to make exquisite photographs: still-lifes and action shots and close-ups. And now, I can be one of them. So excited!

I had an excellent holiday. There was lots of joy, and hugs. Patrick's Grandma's peanut-butter balls, and his mother's excellent roast cauliflower. There were Christmas eve Manhattans with my family, and tipsy conversation, and exclamations. Alexis loved the mobile, the Airedales were well-received. Watching my mom holding her new bag and smiling, I felt proud and loved. I hope your holidays had good food and laughter, shiny, pretty things, and candlelight.

Have a happy New Year!


Wildrun said...

Maxies AND the cake? OK, Alexis had a great birthday. :) H.B. Alexis!

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