Thursday, December 4, 2008

Home to roost

It was a vocabulary-expanding sort of afternoon. Not in the positive, word-a-day calendar sort of way. No. Today I explored new methods of conveying angst: the angst of having drilled a hole too deep, the angst of placing the eye-hook in the wrong place, the angst of having the fishing line snap repeatedly. Also, admittedly, the angst of someone who has never had, and probably never will have, a secure grasp on physics.

But! I prevailed. The project was surprisingly forgiving of missteps.
I love how the brown-and-green bird looks like he's whispering in the pink bird's ear.


Mrs. Danby said...

When I get around to havin' babies with my hubs, I'm so ordering one of these from you. Just so you know, plenty of years in advance (LOL). Love ~C

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