Monday, October 20, 2014

Philadelphia escape


These weekends in Philly are so excellent. After a big summer and fall of just going going going, of the digging and planting and cooking and weeding and raking... I need to uncork. Literally and figuratively. And that's just what I, what we, did. 

The drive wasn't bad. It was way better than taking the bus, which is what I did last time. Friday night there were tasty beers, including homebrew, and Chinese food, and Trivial Pursuit. I slept like a log on six inches of memory foam. 

Saturday, there was brunch at an excellent, excellent farm-to-table kinda place, and champagne. There was some driving around gawking at the attendees of the Chestnut Hill Harry Potter festival. Grown men in capes, I tell you.

Then Meghann and I headed to center city for... oh... girl stuff. We were like, have a drink... a little shoe shopping. Have a drink...

...go to Anthropologie. Have a drink...

...get a makeover. Yes, really. Then have a drink... a little guacamole.... catch the train home, for take-out Indian and more board games at the house.

Evidence of said makeover:

I wore eyeliner, people. Just terrifying.

Ahh. What a splendid weekend. 

It's SO nice to have a sister-in-law this awesome, who somehow thinks I am awesome, too. You don't get to choose your mate's family, and in a lot of ways it's a crapshoot-- but I have to say I just feel luckier and luckier as I go along. I'm already looking forward to next time. 

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Becky said...

I like that whole shop/have a drink concept. Need to try that again.

So happy you have wonderful friend for a sis-in-law.

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