Monday, March 24, 2014

Twenty four hours in Philly

I fled Gilbertsville. I spent eleven hours on various buses for the exquisite privilege of spending two nights in a house that wasn't filled with plaster dust. For vintage shopping and afternoon glasses of Chardonnay and walking around without a jacket on Saturday. 

It was awesome.

I was ostensibly in town to see Tumbleweed Highway (P's band) play nearby-- and he and the guys can believe that, if it makes them happy-- but really, I was in town to see Meghann. To see Meghann and have girl time. So when we caravanned into the city Saturday morning-- five big hairy guys in a van, plus Brent (Meghann's husband) plus us girls... well, we made short work of ditching them. 

Meg and I headed west. All I wanted, really, was people-watching and chitchat and cool buildings to ogle. The experience of being someplace unfamiliar and interesting to look at. But, lo and behold, we found a vintage consignment shop. We couldn't pass that up, could we? Well, no.

I had the heartbreaking experience of trying on a gorgeous dress that didn't fit. Which is probably a smaller heartbreak than the experience of having it look amazing and not being able to afford it. One item in the store was priced-- $450-- so, um, yeah.

We moved on to lunch.  

And cheese shopping.

And white wine in tumblers in a bar that seemed, we agreed, part slaughterhouse, part S&M dungeon. 

Brent picked us up and we headed back to home. We strolled to buy provisions for the night's dinner and game night. One of us might have been a little drunk. I remember talking passionately about the downsides of women's lib in the cracker aisle. 

Then, we got cookin. Two women, one kitchen, two pans of lasagna, salad, bruschetta, garlic bread... Jason Isbell on Spotify... sweet dog, spring sunshine... oh, it was pretty excellent.

And later, there were new people to meet, and dinner, and games. Cards Against Humanity and lots of red wine.

Agh, I had so much fun! 

I have decided it should be an annual event, at least. Nice to launch myself into springtime from a place of relaxation and culture, a place of being centered. Because lord knows, when the garden is in high gear, it is hard for me to be centered.

This week is bringing us three more days of highs in the 20s-- ENOUGH, ALREADY!-- and then, finally, finally, it will begin creeping up towards 60. As much as I'm eager, I know it will be the end of long, idle afternoons and weekends away that don't make me scramble to catch up. But that's okay. I'm ready. I'm ready, and it's time.
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Becky said...

What a fantastic weekend!!! Glad you could go relax and hang with friends.

I spent the weekend packing. The move is this weekend. So looking forward to the new garden space and replanting the irises you sent us 2 years ago!!!

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