Friday, March 28, 2014

Getting through

Exactly one month ago, I started on a quilt. I need to make this a regular wintertime occurrence. It helps so much. Each little patient seam and square and stitch, one little bit closer to spring. I had fun putting this one together, definitely slap-dash and a little wonky, but full of life and pattern. And I love the colors. I mean, I have to, right? But I mean I really, really love the colors. They're so... March. Ice blue and gray and more gray and brown and white and the littlest, specialest slivers of bright yellow.


This quilt was my bus companion to Philly-- I worked on the quilting sitting by my window listening to Jason Isbell on P's iPod over and over and over with it fluffed on my knees. Sunday, coming home, I used it as a pillow-- my 7am bus was wayyy too early for me to be industrious on the ride.

I still have binding to do, of course-- and I'm thinking deep navy blue-- but that's convenient, because I still have winter, too. Though Monday it's supposed to be 57 and mostly sunny, so we'll see. Yesterday I did some outside-work. Today it is raining and I am getting over this cold, and finishing the last of the quilting. So good. So ready for spring.

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Julie Hunt said...

Very cool quilt. Love the colors too.

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