Friday, October 3, 2014

Falling leaves, changing light, and some quick (!) reupholstery

It's fall. It's really fall. The light is changing.

The leaves are falling. The backyard hickories hit October 1st and just... sneeze, hemorrhaging their leaves all over the yard. 

Piles of materials are showing up inside...

...and out.

This week, I reupholstered our little Victorian couch.

You can see it pretty well in this picture from Christmas--

It was a really nice hand-me-down from Patrick's parents, right as we moved out here. It's been our primary lounge area and only couch since then, and it's served us well. The quick, in-a-pinch reupholstery job P's mom did, with bedsheets and a shower curtain (!) was showing its wear, however, and most of the year I'd been on the lookout for something to recover it. Last week I found a set of six giant unmistakably 70s gold curtains for $8.99. The fabric has almost a faux bois look, and, well, that harvest yellow is definitely one of "my" colors. It's in the painted wall in the great room, and in splashes in other rooms. And who could beat that price?

Anyone who went with me through the Great Reupholstery Adventure of 2010 may question my willingness to get involved with another project. I did too. But let me tell you, all reupholsterings are not created equal! This was a two-afternoon project. Sewing the rubber-backed fabric together to create pieces long enough for the back and cushion was the toughest part-- everything else was total cake. There's so much wood on this couch frame, all the seams get tucked away. That's what made it easy. 

Olive approves. Olive approves, and I am beyond satisfied. Nine dollars and maybe five hours of my time? Most excellent.

In other news, the exterior continues to inch closer to completion. Patrick's dad came out this week to apply the fish scale to the peak, and so now I'm gunning to get that painted and the rest of the windows scraped, etc, by the end of next week. I did get the yellow trim painted this week, which really helps to bring it all together. I love this thing, this place. 

Next up: finishing that last section of kitchen tile and installing open shelving, addressing the laundry room ceiling, and replacing a couple baseboard pieces in the dining room. Oh yeah, and installing crown molding in there. Yay, fall.

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Anonymous said...

I love the couch!

Julie Vidani said...

the couch is AMAZING! what an incredible idea -- I love how creative you are. I bet it looks better than it did new.

Becky said...

Your couch re-do is fantastic. Great score on the curtains!

Your place really is such a beautiful labor of love and labor.

CTMOM said...

The couch is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats on a job well done, on a teeny budget, too!

Kristina Strain said...

Aw, thanks, ladies! It really ended up turning out a whole lot better than I expected-- I love it when that happens.

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