Monday, August 25, 2014

Doin' not much

This weekend, I got a whole lot of the doin' not much time I've been craving. We house-sat for my inlaws last week, three nights in a clean house with grander details than ours, cable, a pool, and a wine cellar. It was great. I worked, and Patrick worked, during the days, but freed, temporarily, from my own house and garden, I found my days a lot more open and relaxed. There was no house-painting, no broccoli blanching. Friday night we ate Triscuits, hummus, olives, cheese, and grapes for dinner, and watched part of the Simpsons marathon, and it was PERFECT! I guess I just wanted some time for us to be together as a unit, you know? 

Saturday morning, we came home to our very messy house where the broccoli was awaiting blanching... and we were slated to host my parents later that evening. But it was a rainy day, and somehow, cleaning the house together after three days away felt... okay. It felt like the right thing to be doing, on a rainy Saturday. 

And then my parents came and we ate little toasts with bean spread and olives that my mom made, and big piles of yellow rice and roasted-veg-topped pitas that I made (keeping it simple is so good, and so easy, in August), and a peach galette with vanilla ice cream. And that was terrific. 

Sunday I had to myself while Patrick was at rehearsal, and I made it count. I overhauled two enormous flower beds, mowed the garden, blanched that broccoli, and made food. And drank a gin and tonic on the lawn after sunset. PERFECT! This is how summer should be! And, with y'all as my witness, this is how it's GOING to be, for the next three weeks, until the weather starts to really turn. 


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