Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Blessings too.

Man. I feel like so much of my summer has been spent dealing with emergency situations: deer getting into the garden! manlift needs to be moved tonight! tile has to be done by this weekend! Some of those were self-made emergencies, it's true. But now... now after spending $165 to repair my $65 chest freezer, it isn't cooling again... and I am feeling just a little grumpy here, people!

It is time to buy a new chest freezer. 

It is also time to pay the guy putting the rubber membrane on our roof (so it stops leaking), time to replace our exterior door (one quote came in at $1,800!), time to buy a new furnace. 

Oh, those times when adult life just seems like a big unfortunate hoodwink. Grow up and be a productive member of society! they told me. It'll be fun! they told me.

But. Butbutbut. My friend up the street has a chest freezer she isn't using, and she invited me to go plug it in and fill it with my stuff. How awesome is that? Hooray for friends and small towns. And we got a nice dose of gentle rain yesterday, with more on our way today, and that is comforting. Things were getting a little bit dry. And I did grow a really freaking beautiful crop of onions this year, and shallots too, and it is my first time growing either of them from sets, and I am pleased. 

Having a garden doesn't stave off the emergencies, and in fact, sometimes it precipitates its own kind of emergencies (see deer!), but everyday it gives blessings, too.

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Becky said...

The joys of home ownership and adulthood. I feel your pains. Hooray indeed for good neighbors.

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