Friday, June 13, 2014

Raining, it's raining...

Can you get excited about baseboards with me?

I mean, can I get a woot, or even a W00T, for baseboards, here? For the four hours I spent with the chop saw and a pencil behind my ear and a tape measure weighing on the waistband of my pants?

Alright, then. Can I get you excited about the primed toe-kicks resting on our dining room table?

No? Well, how about a new stairwell color?

Sigh. I have to tell you, these things don't have much excitement for me, either. It's been a very rainy week, which is just wonderful for the garden (we needed it!) but not-so-wonderful for the sake of diversifying my project-work. It's all been inside. Wednesday I cut the baseboards. Then I sanded and painted the baseboard pieces. Then I sanded down the wood filler I've applied to the stairwell, and painted the white parts white. (Why is stairwell painting always the fastest route to misery?)

Yesterday, I had all afternoon and into the evening, and I wore myself out. I installed the baseboards with the nail gun (paCHOW! paCHOW! paCHOWpaCHOWpaCHOW!), filled the holes, and taped off, then caulked, then painted, the top edge. Peeling off the tape while the caulk and the paint are still wet is the fastest route to a clean edge, so I've found. THEN I pulled off the toe-kicks (they clip on) and primed them. I'm going to paint 'em to make them blend in with the floor. THEN, because I wasn't dead yet, I taped off all the spindles in the stairwell (39), sanded down the hall and all the treads, and gave them a first coat of paint. That color I'd painted them years ago just wasn't doing it for me anymore, and the paint was in terrible shape, so I bit the bullet. Blerg.

And today it continues to rain, and I have desk work, and I am grateful. I took another photo of my garden this morning, which somehow came out even lovelier than the one I took Wednesday, so I will leave you with that.

After today, the rain is over for awhile, and I'm glad about that.

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Becky said...

Ack, but look at all you did get done! And with "done" being the key word here, go stitch something or bake something for a change of mind. God for your soul, ya know!

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