Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Outfoxing, part 1

Holy moses, this was a tough project. $150 in lumber and 3-foot welded wire fencing, plus the use of FIL's staple gun, plus some odd-and-ends scraps of wood we had around. Plus about ten hours of work-- and this is only phase one.

But, in exchange for never having to come out here in the morning and see a fox perched on the fence again... and in exchange for never having to see a mauled chicken... well, it's a small price to pay. Phase two will involve burying more fencing around the perimeter, to keep anything from digging under the bottom edge. 


Now, for something prettier to consider. This little circle garden, which is really looking pretty sweet. The hard winter we had definitely killed some things, but so then I got to go buy a few new things, and that always cheers me up. Golden oregano. A dainty little clump of magenta pinks. And some variegated thyme.

One thing the winter didn't kill is this happy fellow, a dwarf spirea, which I bought last year. I can't get over how gorgeous it looks just leafing out. I have another one I might move over here to keep it company.

I'm headed out this weekend to visit my aunt in NYC-- Anthropologie, Purl Soho, and lunch at a bistro is on the agenda. Hooray! I love the tradition of the pre-crazy-season escape. Can't wait. Back Monday.

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Becky said...

Have fun in New York City!!

Arrggghhhh - foxes! So beautiful and so full of foxiness. Glad your birds are better protected now.

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