Monday, January 27, 2014


Houston, we have tile! We spent Saturday morning sojourning from one tile store to another, zigzagging our way all around Oneonta in the name of finding something a) gorgeous and b) not ridiculously expensive. I was pretty set on the 12 x 24 size (not shown), so that narrowed down our options somewhat... and I wanted something that looked like stone but wasn't, and something dark. I mean, darrrrk. So many beiges and taupes and "feathered gray"s out there. Nope, nope, nope. Give me dark and magnificent, dark and sophisticated. Don't tell me how much of my life I'm about to commit to sweeping up flour, our last kitchen's floor was white, okay? I have lived with a high-maintenance floor, and hopefully this one won't be as bad as the white.

It's pretty, no? It's got a really nice greenish undertone, and some rusty looking spots, and lots of lovely texture and variation. Very stone-like. 

I was hoping to find something under $3/square foot (like this one) but that did not materialize. That kind of deal is only to be found online, I suppose-- and going down that road just feels like a huge risk. Buying tile based on a website photo without being able to "pet" it? Scary. The beautiful stuff we landed on is $4.31/square foot, and it's available at two different stores in the same town, so maybe we'll be able to whittle a teeny bit off the price by working that to our advantage. 

As for pattern, I'm on the fence between half-bond (below) and herringbone (below below). Patrick is likely going to be doing the installation, though, and I don't want to cause him more headache than I am already.

In other weekend news, we were able to get the half-wall that's going to live where the full-wall used to be (behind the stove) mostly framed, and I'm thinking the comfy sewing that's been happening in my studio might have to take a back seat while I dust off my building skills. Yeahhh baby.

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