Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quick belt

I was gifted several long sweaters for Christmas, which I love. The problem is, you can't really wear a long sweater open-- at least I can't--without seeming, er, larger. Also a problem: up until a month ago, I owned one belt. A silver-plated antique link belt I love dearly, dearly, but still: one belt. No bueno. Thus the need for more belts. I had made a thrift store run back before Christmas to buy old web belts to use as totebag handles (ever done that?) and didn't end up using any of them (it seems I prefer cloth-handled totebags). BUT, I realized, one of the web belts in my crafty stash had leather ends-- a buckle and a tail with holes! Leather ends that could, with the judicious application of a seam-ripper, be removed from their native worn-out grey webbing and spliced onto something new. Thus a new belt was born.

This was soooo easy. I measured my waist, cut a 2" strip from some fun home-decor weight fabric I had, pressed the edges under and topstitched, then painted some Elmer's glue on the back to keep it from fraying. In retrospect, I wish I'd interfaced the strip before doing the topstitching, to make it feel a little more substantial and belty, but it wouldn't have made a difference in how it looks when I'm wearing it, I don't think. 

Thrift stores. Is there anything they can't do?

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Becky said...

Why yes, yes I have bought belts for non-belt purposes. Just a month or so ago I grabbed some leather ones to re-weave an old stool seat! It's cute.

And I kept the buckles and ends to do just what you have done. Sometime soon...

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