Friday, July 12, 2013


Now that the porch is done, it finally feels like I'm really gaining on the house again. Look at that new blue part! Boom! A coat of paint makes such a big difference. With a nice new roof on everything (that'll be after we sell our Binghamton house.... still no nibbles...) the house will really look cared-for. And nothing beats that cared-for vibe.

I'm reminding myself that I'm only about two months into working on the exterior... and I have most of three months left to go. That is a good chunk of time; my goal of getting that whole front side done seems reachable. That's a damn good feeling!

In other news, we took Del to the creek recently. I may have gotten wetter than he did (though he got plenty wet, too). I am not especially good with heat; any day that gets above 85 should be acknowledged with a dip in the creek. 

So happy to have a lovely little one nearby. Happy weekend!

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Becky said...

The Porch looks great!

I am so with you on the heat. ugh. When it hits 80 here I stay indoors. Wish we had a creek.

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