Monday, July 15, 2013

A Sunday

Caution, dog-noses seen in mirror may be closer than they appear. Really really close. We were asked to come help with a group yard-improvement project at Patrick's parents' house on Sunday. We brought Del. We also brought pickled beets and a bag full of zucchini, but Del, I think, was the most welcome hospitality gift. Patrick's parents' Airedale Fiona, and his sister's terrier/schnauzer mix Piper were also in attendance, and it was a real hoot watching them all get to know each other and romp around the yard.

The thing about being asked a favor by Patrick's mom is that you will be repaid in food. Lavish food. Maybe the best food of your life. The table bore blue cheese potato salad, and chili-basted corn on the cob. Chicken and sausage from the grill, and a kale salad with tangerines and dried currants and pistachios, and very extremely cold Chardonnay.

And lime custard tart with berries. We really don't mind being repaid in food.

Once home, we slouched off our wine buzz (at least I did) and watched the sun set over those sticky 90-degree hills. Foosh. This is going to be a week for hibernating in the cool of the dining room (coolest room of the house, where I make my "summer office") and drinking iced coffee and doing little more outside than picking beetles and watering freshly seeded rows.

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Becky said...

What a spread! Fab way to get paid.

Karen said...

okay, potato salad and tart recipe from your MIL if you please ... !!! look and sound amazing!! love your garden btw.

Kristina Strain said...

Here's the tart: Not sure about the potato salad.

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