Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring, interrupted

I took these pictures on Sunday. Though it was still cold, spring seemed imaginable. Then, it snowed quite a bit. Now, we have snow in the forecast for nine of the next ten days. This is most truly the winter that won't quit!

I am trying to be happy for the maple-syrupers, I am trying to be happy for the fruit farmers who don't have to worry about premature bud-swell. I am also trying to remember that when spring finally comes, it will likely be no-holds-barred, and there is something sort of exciting about that.

Also, I am trying to be thankful that I am not a bird. And remember that underneath all of it, there are buds, there are baby chives, there are seedlings in the cold frame. Soon there will be peas to twine the trellis, new this year, and broccoli sets to plant, and a rototiller to rev. 

Winter can't last forever. Onward!

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Anonymous said...

Snowdrops! How delightful. A sure sign that spring has sprung

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