Monday, March 25, 2013

Prescription: just keep sewing...

It's funny, isn't it, where the inspiration to be creative comes from. For me, I guess, the word isn't as much inspiration as it is motivation: the gumption needed to cross the bridge from ideas to actually crawling around on the floor with the rotary cutter. 

This week, somehow, I've declared a subtle sort of war on this very persistent winter we're having. An I dare you sort of war. I crossed my arms, scowled at the snow-covered garden, and stated: "As long as it continues to snow, I am going to sew. I can sew just as much as it can snow. Watch me." And then I broke out the rotary cutter, and the scrap pile, and got to work.

I started working on one of AMH's Scrappy Nap Pillows, to go with the curtains I sewed for my friend's nursery. This is one of my very favorite patterns to work with-- so much freedom, and so easy, and of course working this one in my very brightest, funnest, liveliest scraps didn't hurt, either. 

And today we're in for another inch (which is, I'm happy to say, considerably less than our friends in Pennsylvania and Ohio and West Virginia are in for) and I'm going to get this thing assembled and backed and stuffed and done. Now this stubborn late-late winter isn't cheating me out of extra gardening time, it's just delivering me some extra sewing time. 

(At least, that's what I'm telling myself...)

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Meand3Jays said...

Now that is awesome! I wish I were a better sewer. I have mastered the art of collecting vintage sewing machines, now if only I could master sewing!

Becky said...

Hooray for sewing!!! I loves the look of that piece work.

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