Friday, March 29, 2013

Now, the prettying

The tiling is done. The plumbing is done. Everything has been grouted, now, though the pictures may say differently-- they were taken this morning. My father-in-law has packed up his tools and handed the reins to me. And as you can see, boy, we still have a ways to go.

(In some corners, more of a ways to go than others!) 

How is it that I get to cross two things off the to-do list today and add fifty? Oh, isn't that how it always goes? To whit:
  • Fill assorted gaps, cracks, and holes with spackle or caulk, sand, and paint the walls
  • Paint the ceiling
  • Paint the window
  • Frost-film the window, and build a faux roman shade.
  • Varnish the buffet-top, to protect it from moisture
  • Find and buy and install towel-hooks
  • Replace piece of door trim
  • Replace over-sink light (yuck)
  • Replace ceiling light (also yuck)
  • Find big mirror to live above sink
  • Build in two narrow shelves above toilet
  • Modify middle buffet drawer to accommodate plumbing
  • Add ceramic cove molding around top of shower tile
  • Buy and install a toilet paper holder
  • Find baskets, boxes, and trays to use as drawer organizers
  • Accessorize, yo.
I'm thinking a giant vase should live on the far side of the sink, and be filled with branches that arch outwards towards the window. That little piece of frog-art should be hung, and another bigger piece I've been saving should, too. 

Initially I wanted to go with a really dark wall color, but now I'm thinking a nice sophisticated pale ochre-yellow might be the way to go. Also debating painting the ceiling the same color, to de-accentuate the fact that the room sort of looks like an M.C. Escher painting. Seriously, check out them funky angles. Love them old houses!

I am so excited to start in on the genuinely fun part, and (of course) to have all this gorgeous tile to gawk at in the meantime. Pretty tile, pretty sink, pretty faucet. Ooooh yeah.

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Becky said...

And it all turned out so perfect!

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